slider-steakMy name is April but my whole life to my dad, and often my mom, I have been Maddie. Growing up in Montana hunting was a big part of our lifestyle.  We would sit around the kitchen table and process our own game.  It was a chore but it was special because it was family time.  Never did I think it would become a career.

While studying Animal Science at Colorado State University I decided it was necessary to learn how to properly process my own beef.  I took a couple of meat science and safety classes but when I took the hands on “Meat Systems” class I fell in love.  It was so much more enjoyable with sharp knives and other fancy equipment.  Somehow it was almost as therapeutic as watching a fire.  I decided to take a deeper look into making meat processing a bigger part of my life.

slider-sausageNear the end of my last semester at CSU I began working in the “meat lab”, not what you think of when you hear the word “lab”.  A lot of research is performed there, however, to find new, effective and efficient ways to make eating meat even more enjoyable. 50 years ago you could count the types of steak on one hand; today options seem to be ever increasing.  Over the summer I took on a short internship at a nearby family owned processing facility.  I did everything from the harvest floor with live animals to the packaging in the end.  It was exhilarating and tiresome work but my passion was growing.  Before starting my own business I gained some more experience as a meat cutter at the local grocery store.

I believe that each different work experience has given me an advantage in the meat processing world.  I know to always look for innovative ways to age and cut meat and have a great understanding of sausage making.  I also have an acute awareness of what consumers want and how to notice changes in trends.  I bring all these things together to be the best choice for all your processing needs. I have created a business that customers can trust to process their big game by alleviating concerns for time, quality, cleanliness, ensuring you get your own animal, and helping you to understand yield.